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Developing our club is the most important aspect of the game. We start the game with a level one club. In the beginning, the club fulfils basic functions and has basic slots where we can place player cards, items, and club buildings. We primarily use Team Points acquired during gameplay to develop the club. It is up to us to decide in which direction and which aspects of the club we will prioritize for development.
Player card slots - the starting 11.
To compete in the league, we need to select our starting 11 cards, which will form our team. Once we have created our starting 11, we can register for league games.
Reserve bench slots
As your club develops, you will have the opportunity to choose up to 9 additional player cards that will be available to you during matches. With this created deck of 20 cards, you will participate in the competitions. You can make changes to your deck once a day.
Starting at club level 1, we already have access to a schedule where we can check the upcoming competitions that await us.
We can also look through the history of past matches, and check the used squads and the match results.
Club building slots
Upgrading the club to higher levels opens up new slots where we can place Club Buildings cards. Additionally, the higher the level of our club, the better types of buildings (higher tiers) we can use in our slots.
The Club Building can have multiple levels and is available in eight tiers. Each level of the building has a different graphic design. The higher the level, the more advanced the building becomes, with additional features and enhancements.
The tiers in which we can create buildings are poor, upgraded, rare, epic, legendary, platinum, historical MID, and historical TOP. The higher the tier, the greater the bonus for the respective building.
We place completed buildings in slots specifically designated for club buildings. The slots themselves can be upgraded. Upgraded slots increase the power of the items placed in them. At each club level, we can upgrade a particular slot to a specified maximum level.
Building list
Club item slots
We have four empty slots for basic club items at the beginning of the game. As we expand our club, we will be able to unlock additional slots for special items, as well as extra slots for bonuses and boosts for our club.
Just like Club Building Slots, we also can upgrade item slots. Upgraded slots increase the power of the items placed in them. At each club level, we can upgrade a given slot to a certain level.
Club manufacture and additional slots
In addition to the basic slots, there are also slots for various types of boosts and upgrades that support the development of the club and the performance of our players. These cards can be crafted, among other ways, in the Club Manufacture once we reach the required level of the Manufacture building and have the required club level.
Trophies, medals and club history
Every respectable club has its place for trophies and medals! The same applies to - medals, trophies, and the club history are available for all visitors!
Fans - Every club, depending on how well they perform in the league and the medals and trophies they win, gains or loses fans. Fans have an impact on the daily increase of Team Points. The better the club, the better the production of Team Points. It is important to keep this in mind when registering for various PvP tournaments and non-league tournaments. All our wins and losses will have an impact on the increase or decrease in interest from our fans towards our club, which can translate into a decrease or increase in the speed of our club's development.