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Team Points

Team Points
Team Points are a special in-game currency assigned to specific player accounts. They are non-tradeable and non-transferable. They can be acquired in various ways, and we need them for every aspect of our player account's development.
How to get Team Points
F2P Game
  • Team Points can be acquired by completing daily calendar tasks;
  • Team Points are granted for completing special tasks - for example: reaching a specific club level, discovering formations, completing item or card collections, etc;
  • Taking part in league matches;
  • Taking part in tournaments such as the National Cup, Champions League, Super League and the European Tournament;
  • Winning a specific trophy or medal for a high position in the league ranking;
  • Special PvP tournaments;
  • Individual PvP duels;
  • In-game events;
  • Team Points can be purchased directly in-game, for example by using stablecoin USDT token.
When players use Team Points for any activities, the points are burned.
When players purchase Team Points using USDT, the tokens are divided and allocated to the Stadium NFT staking, the Team Treasury, and the Game Reward Treasury.