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Player-driven Economy

Player-driven economy
The game economy is controlled through a traditional supply and demand system - and everything is in the hands of the community. Apart from collecting player cards, we will also develop Club Equipment in the game, Football sets (jerseys, socks, shorts, and shoes), balls, armbands, shin guards, and many others – all of these items impact gameplay and are created in NFT technology by the players themselves. This is very important as NFT tokens have not only utility but also collectible value.
Build to earn
Other than items, football clubs also have a huge impact on the gameplay. The development of clubs is designed in a dual way. One way is by using Team Points earned during matches, playing in leagues, and being active. Team Points can be used to increase the club's level and unlock additional slots for various types of buildings, club upgrades, new tactics, formations, or boosts for our players. The second way is by creating NFT buildings and upgrades that require the use of stablecoin tokens - USDT.