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The rules of the matches are identical to real football. The match lasts for 90 minutes, and there are two goal. After the 90 minutes, additional time is added (usually a few minutes). Depending on the competition, if the match result is not determined, extra time and penalty shootouts may take place.
During the match, the match engine calculates the chances of individual actions based on the statistics of our players. The entire match engine operates on the principle of proportion rather than a majority-based system (meaning that the better team doesn't always win). This means that teams with lower OVR (Overall Rating) have a chance to win against stronger opponents, just like in real football.
It's important to remember that various factors influence the match during gameplay, such as tactics, lineup adjustments, and different types of boosts. Quick reactions to the situation in the match are also crucial, such as making substitutions when players are tired, injured, or changing tactics when the opponent modifies theirs or makes substitutions. It's also necessary to assess the risk. For example, when one of our players receives a yellow card - it might be worth substituting them.
During the match:
  • Our players may receive a yellow or red card. A red will result in a compulsory absence for the next match. The exceptions are friendly matches, which do not reset the red card. Yellow cards do not accumulate in subsequent matches.
  • Our footballers have the chance to earn interventions that count towards the ranking in the respective games. Only players on the defensive line can score an intervention, as this applies to situations in the penalty area. Exceptions are defensive midfielders, who also can score interventions. Interventions are represented by shields in the match comments.
Our players have a chance of getting injured.
There are three types of injuries:
  • Light: As a result of injury, the player loses 10% of health – injury lasts 24 hours – player performs at 10% of their ability.
  • Medium: 18% health loss, the injury lasts 48h – player performs at 10% of their ability.
  • Critical: 30% health loss, the injury lasts 72h – player performs at 10% of their ability.
Don't forget that if our players are NFT cards, they collect historical statistics during each match. The set of statistics consists of the player's league and club history, victories, draws, losses, appearances, goals, assists, interventions, lost goals, and yellow and red cards.
Match presentation:
The match presentation in has three aspects. The main view is occupied by the field divided into sectors, where we can observe what is happening in the match. The match is divided into 90 minutes (2x45 minutes). Each minute of the match lasts for 12 seconds. Once per match minute, depending on what is happening on the field, we can read a match commentary. Each commentary is voiced, and not by just anyone! The matches are a great pleasure to listen to because all the commentary lines are written and then voiced by BBC football journalists.
Some stats:
Number of match commentaries: 3,500
Number of voice-overs recorded by BBC football journalists: 3,500
Additional voice-overs: 1,300
Music and ambients: 40
FX (special effects): 200
Jingles: 80
During the match, each club has bars displayed representing the three basic sectors of the game: Defense, Midfield, and Attack. This allows us to infer the strength of our opponent in a particular sector at a given moment. These charts change based on the actions we take. We also see the impact of our players' fitness on the gameplay and the effectiveness of well-executed substitutions.
After each match, depending on whether we win, lose, or draw, we receive rewards in the form of Team Points, USDT Tokens (if connected to a crypto wallet), and we gain or lose fans. We can see all this information in the match summary.
To boost the excitement during the match, there's a match chat open to all players.