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In, all competitions are seasonal and take place in a league and tournament system.
What are league competitions all about?
In, the basic competitions are National Games. Depending on the country you play in, you can expect different types of medals and trophies.
Each National League consists of 16 teams. The season lasts for 30 days. The offseason break lasts for 1-3 days (depending on the needs related to starting a new season). During the season, there are 30 rounds of matches (home and away). Each team plays one league match per day. Matches start at 3:00 PM.
The teams in the 1st league that placed 1st and 2nd qualify for the Champions Tournament (CT). The teams in the 1st league that placed 3rd to 6th qualify for the European Tournament (ET).
At the end of the season, the teams in the 13-16th positions (15th to 16th in 4th and 5th leagues) are relegated to a lower league. Teams in the 1st and 2nd positions are promoted to a higher league.
What is the National Cup, and how are the participating clubs selected?
The National Cup is played in a knockout format (play-off system). It includes 64 teams with the highest OVR (at the time of generating the new National Cup) from the respective country.
The cup matches are determined by a draw. The team that wins their two-legged tie advances to the next round. In the case of two drawn matches (e.g., 0-0 and 1-1), the team that scored more away goals advances. If the goal difference is equal after 90 minutes of two matches (e.g., 1-0 and 0-1), extra time is played in the second match, followed by a penalty shootout if necessary. The final match takes place at a neutral stadium, and the proceeds from the match are divided equally between the two teams.
Cup matches are played from 12:00 PM onwards.
What are the characteristics of the Champions Tournament and the European Tournament?
Each group in the Champions Tournament (CT) and the European Tournament (TE) consists of four teams. Each team in the group plays six matches (home and away). The teams that finish in the top two positions in the group advance to the play-off phase. The same rules as in the National Cup apply during the play-off phase.
The pairings in the knockout phase are determined as follows:
1st team from Group A vs 2nd team from Group C
2nd team from Group A vs 1st team from Group C
1st team from Group B vs 2nd team from Group D
2nd team from Group B vs 1st team from Group D
CT and ET matches are played from 08:00 pm onwards.
What characterizes the Super League?
The Super League consists of the top eight teams, which play four matches against each other in a season.
Teams in the Super League automatically qualify for the Champions Tournament.
There is no traditional promotion/relegation system in the Super League. In this competition category, at the beginning of each new season, only the top eight clubs are considered, so the club's OVR (Overall Rating) is the sole determining factor, not the number of wins or losses.
If a team maintains its position (i.e., maintains its club's OVR in the top eight teams), it will remain in the Super League for the next season.
PvP Tournaments
The game also features PvP Tournaments. These tournaments are special events in which we can take part, and they do not affect the results of our league matches or participation in other tournaments.
Types of tournaments:
  • PlayFootball PvP Tournaments - These are tournaments organized based on the general rules of tournaments in playfootball. For example, it could be a tournament based on the format of the National Cup. Participation in the tournament is only possible with a dedicated entry pass.
  • Custom tournaments and matches - these types of tournaments are organised by the players themselves. The cost of entry and player limit (2-128) are dictated by the organiser.